Friday, September 9, 2011

Swimming Pool

We finally had a (long overdue) family day today.  Steve hasn't been able to take the past few Mondays off and hasn't been able to take a different day off either.  He has been home but just hasn't been able to take a full day off in a while.  So today he finally did and we were so glad to have him home!  We had been told by several people there is an indoor swimming pool about a half hour walk from our home and we decided to give it a try today.

It isn't anything too special, just two very large pools (one with lanes and one without) but I think it will be nice (especially in the winter for something to go do).  Only problem was:  Caleb hated it.  He cried harder than I think I've ever seen him cry.  He literally shook with fear.  He burst into tears even if Steve or I would try to go in and swim.  I guess we'll have to keep working on this one.....

Love that this picture so perfectly sums up the sentiments of the day.....P.S. In Korea it is mandatory that you wear a swim cap any time you go swimming.  Pretty cute, huh?

To be fair, he did splash his feet in the pool while sitting on the edge towards the end. 
At least we made some progress....

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  1. hey....don't push it....i'm pretty sure my fear of water (you know, the fear that I always forget about...) is because I was THROWN into a swimming pool while my family was laughing at me and taking pictures.

    p.s. C looks like a superhero in the last picture :)