Sunday, September 18, 2011

Picture Please!

Caleb has been astounding us daily by his new vocabulary and use of words.  Some of the words he uses, I'm not even sure I remember saying recently.  And he has graduated from phrases to full on sentances at times lately as well.  It's so much fun to hear what goes on in that head of his.

It's also great to be reminded of things I've told HIM to do. Some of my recent favorites:

  •   "OHHH Mama. (very concerned tone) Two hands please!" (I was only using one hand to drink my coffee....For weeks I keep reminding him to use two hands when drinking from big boy cups). 
  •  " Patient Mama." (When I asked him for the third time to pick up his toys.....we've been talking to him a lot about being patient but I wasn't sure he was understanding....Sounds like he understands just fine). 
  • "Share Mama." (When he wants something that I have).  "I saw a car drive by." (I must say this a lot to him?'s one of his better sentances). 
  •  "Mama, go Izaac's house, give BIG Hug." (He says this about Sadie and Anya and Michelle and Kim and Meena and others as well.basically whoever he wants to go visit). 
  •  "GOOD MORNIN' MAMA...GOOD MORNIN' DADDY.  WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP!" (Nevermind it is 6am in the morning, it's just so darn cute). 
  • "I'm SINGIN' in da Mica-phone...!"
  • "Mommy!!! Daddy went pee pee in the potty!!!  Come see! Come see! Potty dance, Potty dance" (He exclaims excitedly every time daddy uses the bathroom.....Thanks for sharing, Caleb).

Recently he was playing with one of his toys out on the porch and I was reading in the chair next to him.  I look up to him sitting all posed with his toy saying, "picture mama, picture! PLEASE"


  1. HAHA!! "Mommy!!! Daddy went pee pee in the potty!!! Come see! Come see!" LOVE it! What a precious little boy!!

  2. so gosh golly cute!
    you forgot "Bible time!"