Saturday, September 10, 2011

Enjoying Friends

The weather in September is perfect.  Spring and Fall in Korea are wonderful, as in "you-couldn't-ask-for-more-perfect-weather" wonderful.  Sadly, they are also short and the summer and winter are awful  so we will be thankful for the gifts of this moment.  Needless to say, we have been hitting up the playgrounds in the area almost every single day, sometimes more than once.  One thing I will say about Korea, they put a lot of money into parks and there are about a dozen fun ones within a 5-10 minute walk radius of our apartment.

Korea has  a lot of "fountains," Caleb loves them.

Sadie and Caleb and Iz and Gail

Balancing Buds, love little shoes and feet


Climbing Caleb

Racing up!

Cute lil bug!


High Fives all around

Sweet Girl

Iz and Mommy Gail

Working out

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  1. yay this was a fun day. and hot. can we have fun days that are cool now?