Saturday, January 21, 2012

Caleb at 23 months

Dear Caleb, This month you are 23 months and I guess this is probably the last month that we'll go by months, huh? I haven't been one of those mommies recording your every milestone on the month with pictures but I do like to stop periodically to remember along the way.  At 23 months you know your alphabet, can recognize most of the letters and know many of their sounds.  You like to say things like "look! M like Mama and C for Caleb and cookies like Cookie Monster!"  You love Sesame Street (mostly Elmo) although you know them mostly from books and not from the show.  You talk like you are three going on four, which makes you seem much older than you really are.  I think both of us (sadly) and most the people you know treat you much older than you really are.  I guess that is what you get for being a first born though, comes with the territory.  That's how you grow up to be responsible and full of all those first born characteristics, right?

You continue to bless our socks off and fill our days with laughter although in the past few weeks you have started testing your boundaries like never before AND you've started turning what we've been teaching you back around at us.  We have been thrown off guard to hear you say things like, "you took that from me, that's mean and unkind, Mama!" (when I take things you are not allowed to have).  Or "You are being unloving, Dad." (when he says no to something).  Or "obey Caleb please." (when you want us to do something).  Or "I need you to listen to me, understand?" It's hard not to laugh sometimes.

Your favorite things to eat are yogurt, yogurt and more yogurt, peanut butter, almonds and cashews, blueberries, pancakes, and cheese.  You also like chicken and beef or "meat!!!" in general.  Eggs and bacon are another favorite.

"F" certainly is for Fun around you.  You keep us and most everyone entertained.  You also tend to be very caring about people.  You think of others often throughout the day and ask about them, "what's Shell doing, Mama?"  "Where Audrey, Luke and Natie, Mama?" "How's Opa doin?" "Where Unca Micah?"  "Mama, pray for Daddy!"  "Mama pray for Great Grandma!"  You continue to be a total extrovert, loving to go see people and have people over. Although you have been a little more jealous than usual lately, especially with other young friends like Isaac and Emma.  Speaking of littles, you frequently ask  tell us (in the past few weeks) "I want a brudder, like Sadie has." or "I want a sister, mama." And you've taken it upon yourself (with no promptings from us whatsoever) to ask God for one.  Recently you stopped in the middle of your meal, folded your hands and prayed, "Fadder God, please give me a brudder like Sadie.  I sad, I want a brudder. In Chist name pray, amen. AMEN."

You continue to have a thing for Bibles.  Especially your Children's Bible (you have almost worn through two of them, we'll need to buy a third soon. And not because you are rough, because you read them until the spine gives out).  You know that Bible so well and can easily find any story.  You also have it basically memorized word for word, almost all the stories.  It is INSANE.  The other day you said, "mama, read to me 'bout Jairus." I was like "who?"  Caleb: "Jairus, mama."  Me, still clueless...."who's that?" C: "JAIRUS, and his daughter and Jesus."  Ohh...Me, thinking, I think that's in the Bible somewhere, right? Where would it be....Caleb walked me over and promptly found it for me.  Matt. 5:21-43.

You also enjoy counting, singing LOUDLY with your "micaphone," cooking in your kitchen, reading, reading and more reading, "nuggles and mooches," going for walks outside, running around (preferably naked or in your Thomas underwear - did I mention you potty trained some time ago and only need diapers at night?), wrestling and playing "knock 'em down" with daddy, riding your tricycle, going to sports games of any kind (most especially 'baketball' - you like to yell things like "go defense! go ICS! go Osan! and you already know the Vikings are the best foodball team to cheer for), and giving mama "big squeezy hugs."  Oh and you like when you get things, "from 'Merica."

We love you, dear boy and can't believe you are closing in on TWO already!  There is no baby left and you are 100% little boy - hopefully making strides to becoming a wonderful man some day.


  1. Oh dear niece of mine... your letter to Caleb touched my heart so. He's growing up way too fast! What a joy he is to me as you and your hubby! Much much love, hugs & continued prayers,
    your aunt nj in SD

  2. Caleb, you are amazing, we thank God for you and for skype to peak into your life often, and we thank God you have a mommy and daddy who blog. And we thank God and join you in praying for a lil bud in God's perfect timing! Oma wants to send you a birthday package Tuesday k? Love you!!!

  3. Oh my Sarah, this brought tears to my eyes this morning. What a love letter to your son, what a testimony to this amazing little boy God has given to you. Thanking God for you in my life dear friend!