Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sickies (and a recipe)!

Caleb and I seem to have the dreaded "Korean Crud" (aka a yuckie cold that many Americans get and can not seem to get rid of in the winters here). It's been a down hill week and neither of us are feeling very well (C has it far worse than I do). Today was filled with crying, wanting to be held, lots of books and lots of trying to convince him to drink, drink, drink. Poor guy, I hate seeing him sick! If you could keep us in your prayers, we would really really appreciate it.

Since we've been feeling slightly under the weather for several weeks (it's just now coming on full force), we've made a version of this DakJuk ("Korean Chicken Porridge") several times (along with numerous pots of chicken stock) in the hopes of helping our bodies heal. It is surprisingly similar to what we all know and love: Chicken Noodle Soup, with some added twists. You don't have to make it with white rice - we have tried it with brown (just soak a lot longer and I would suggest removing the chicken, cooking longer and with more water and then re-adding the chicken at the end so it doesn't get over cooked) or leave it out altogether and just enjoy the nutritious broth and chicken.

I really like the subtle difference in taste (and nutrition) with adding the fresh ginger and I like to add an onion as well. I don't strain the garlic out, I eat them too but that's just me (I like garlic). And don't be afraid of the soy sauce add at the end - I almost didn't try it (it sounded weird to me) but was so glad I did, it's good! If you want us to send you some "real" soy sauce, let us know! There is a definite difference in taste from "American" soy sauce to whatever it is we buy over here.....and have I told you about The Soy Sauce Isle? You know how in the States there is The Cereal Isle, right? Filled with every nuance of cereal you could think of? Well, we have that here too except it is Soy Sauce. I never knew there could be so many varieties or kinds!

I hope you enjoy a Korean take on Chicken Noodle Soup and here's to hoping it helps all of us feel a little better this cold/flu/Korean Crud season! Stay Well.


  1. OH! Bunny and baby bunny! SO SAD to hear about the crud attack! Praying by now the JUK is doing its healing and comforting, thanks for sharing that recipe, its really special to be able to taste some of what you taste, i am praying for a miracle so I can stroll down the Soy sauce Isle one day, mean time please put me on the "send authentic soy sauce " list : ) Praying for you!

  2. My heart went to you all in loving prayers. Such a bummer to be so ill... Especially more so for our sweet little children. So I'm praying, praying and praying some more. I'm hoping too, that lots of love, hugs and kisses being sent your way will help cure too! I love you!! Get well soon! Much much love, hugs and Prayers along with OXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX... Your aunt nj in SD!