Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I'm behind in my posting again, so this adventure actually took place last week (or maybe the week prior? I'm not sure, the days blur together sometimes) but it was a fun and beautiful adventure so I thought I'd post some pics.  There is a huge, beautiful arboretum about a 30  minute train ride from Songtan (the town we live in).  It is free for the kiddos and only 1,000W for adults.  We were there most of the morning and probably only explored about a third of the park.  It's mostly outdoors but has some indoor areas as well and is divided into sections (a maple tree area, an exotic plant area, a spruce tree area, a bird sanctuary etc).  I really enjoyed it and hope to return again and finish exploring!  Next time I'll bring a picnic lunch, though, because there are lots of great picnic areas.  Caleb, his friend Eric and Eric's Mama (Elisa) and I had a great time.

These are real flowers, not paper lanterns! Gorgeous.

My Q:  "What do fishies say?"  Caleb's A: "blub blub blub"

Our Boys (Eric - 28 months, Caleb - 14 months)!

Again, real. Real beautiful!

Caleb enjoyed all the wide open space to RUN!  His legs aren't quite as long as Eric's though...

It was a beautiful do-again adventure...I kept thinking of the song "beauty that makes this heart adore you, hope of a life spent with you."


  1. oh this is so sweet, do you remember sayin g"oh Oh, " and moving your lips like a fish at COMO Zoo looking at the goldfishes??

  2. What do fish say? "blub, blub blub" so very cute! Love the picture of Caleb on the path by himself!