Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fellowship Luncheon

Last Sunday was one of our Fellowship Luncheons.  We have these every quarter and everyone gets assigned a massive amount of food to bring, after the church service we all hang out and eat together until we are stuffed and then have copious amounts of food left over.  Here is Steve leaving our apartment with our box full of food. 

And here is Caleb getting all primped and ready for all the Korean ladies to swoon and dote on him.

One of our friends from church signed me on base (where they have a thrift store) SIDENOTE: Koreans don't do second hand...they have to have everything brand new, so they don't have thrift stores.  Anyway, she signed me on to the thrift store and I found this little tie for $1. Caleb's first tie, isn't he handsome?!?  I'll admit, he had me swooning too.

Sunday mornings are always hard because Steve leaves early to get prepared and for youth group things and I have Caleb and myself to get ready, out the door and walk to church on time.  We end up getting ready in shifts, which is why he doesn't have his pants on yet....we get the top done, diaper on, take a break, brush our teeth, mom gets ready and then we change diaper and finish getting dressed.  It wouldn't be so hard other than it is almost impossible to get myself ready with this active little mischief maker running around!  We're lucky if I get dressed and mascara on most Sundays.

And here he is enjoying fellowship luncheon Sunday.

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  1. Ohhhhh! I'm swooning from afar! Caleb is ADORABLE. I can hardly stand it! ((HUGS)) I think that little tie is so sweet. : )