Saturday, April 9, 2011

just hanging out

Here are some pictures from a park the other day....Steve is laying on one of the random "workout" equipment that I've posted about before.  I'm not sure what this one is for...we thought initially it was to do incline sit-ups but no one does!  They all just lay there (like Steve is doing) and hang out.  Sometimes they do wrist exercises while they hang out, sometimes they close their eyes.  Steve now thinks maybe it is just a stretching exercise.  It does feel pretty good!

Caleb kept coming over and kissing us while we were "stretching."  "Bo bo" in Korean means "Kiss" and it is Caleb's first Korean word.  I'm not sure if I'm just an overly-eager first time mama (which is entirely possible) but we keep hearing Caleb saying things and we are like "wait...did he just say that word?" but then we can't get him to repeat it and we'll think we hear it again a few days later but nothing consistent so the verdict is still out.  BUT that said, we have thought we've heard him say a version of "hello" in Korean and "thank you."  But, like I said, the verdict is still out.  We'll see!


And takin' a break.

They have these beautiful vines and trellis frames all over with benches underneath at many of the parks. I'm excited to see what grows -- looks like it will be really pretty!

Learning stairs.

Smiliest kid ever.

You can kind of see in this picture, Caleb cut through two top molars and his two top eye teeth this past week.  Now he's working on the bottom two molars and two more on bottom.  Poor thing!  I can tell they bother him pretty good and they've beens swollen and bruised and red but he's such a sweetie, he hardly complains and still has a smile to flash. 

Caleb trying his hand foot at one of the exercise stations.


  1. Pictures 1 and 2, yes it's like an inversion table here in the U.S. where you hang upside down. It helps with alignment and stretching and the over all health of your back. (I have an inversion table) Bo bo = kiss in Korean, probably where the expression kiss my bo bo comes from. (Or maybe just a South Dakota thing where I grew up). Love Steve and Caleb on the slide. :) Got a chuckle out of the upside down smile, very cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Barb! Thanks for "solving" the inversion table mystery! Now we know =) Since we can't ask people what things are, it's always just our best guess. Thanks for explaining! =)