Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good Sleeper!

If you've known us this past year you probably would never have thought you would hear Caleb's name in the same sentance as "good sleeper" but the past few months he has been impressing us.  We moved to one nap a day and I think it was a good move.  Although he is a little on the early side for only one nap, he goes down much better, sleeps longer and seems overall more rested (and I'm less stressed about it).  He is also getting a solid 11-14 hours at night.  Since the "average" (ps who comes up with these crazy average numbers anyhow?!?) is 12-16 hour of sleep in a 24 hour period at this age, I figure we're doing pretty good sitting right around 13-16 hours a day.  Also on the sleeping front, he is now consistently sleeping through the night!!!!  This has been huge for me, as I spent the first 13 months of his life getting up 2-3 times a night with him.  He goes down between 5:30-7:00pm and sleeps until 5:00am when I get up and feed him and then he goes back to sleep until somewhere between 6:00am and 7:30am.

Good job, Bud!

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  1. The little hand picture is so adorable!!! Yeah! I'm a big believer in sleep! I love to sleep : ) Maybe to much.... I don't know! : )