Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Natalie!

How hard it is to watch our nieces and nephew growing up from a distance.  I miss these sweet babies-growing-big so much.  And I long for Caleb to be cousins together with them and not just via skype and facebook pictures.

(L to R) Audrey, Lukey, Caleb and Natalie


Enough pictures already!

These pictures are just too great to not post all three attempts! Note the different expressions on all 4 faces in each one - too funny.

It's hard to believe Natalie is turning one today.  She was born shortly before we left for Korea.

There I am holding her sweetness for the first time - what a little dolly baby!

And now here she is all grown up and 12 months old.  It's crazy how fast they do that.

C and Natalie "camping" together this summer
Love you Sweet Natalie - Happy First Birthday!

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