Friday, September 9, 2011

Potty Dance

When we arrived back in Korea from our visit Stateside, the heat and humidity was not very condusive to diaper wearing....Since it was giving Caleb problems, I thought I would try to see if he was interested in using the big boy potty at all.  We took him to the store and let him pick out a potty.  He was very excited. I was hopeful.  We took him home and tried to get him to use the potty.  He wanted nothing to do with it.  I tried to entice him with treats, a potty dance and cute big boy underwear with trains on them. Nope.  The closest he wanted to get to his new potty was to introduce it to his stuffed monkey friend.

I did some reading and decided that 1) I didn't want to force it and didn't want it to become an issue and 2) I decided I wasn't sure I was reading for him to potty train.  Diapers and traveling around Korea on the subway and bus sounded like a much more pleasant experience.....Plus I decided I really wasn't ready to have to actually take him to the potty every half hour while we were out or clean up accidents at someone else's house.  That and his dipes are just so darn cute. 

So I stopped trying and felt pretty happy about the fact that I could wait several more months before jumping that hurdle.  And then a funny thing little boy decided he was ready.  His diapers remain dry for the most part and when we change him, he wants to go on the potty.  And go and go and go.  And then he likes to remind us that in the previous attempt we had offered him a treat if he went.  And a potty dance too.  Apparently he intends to make good on those offers.  A lot.

He isn't completely potty trained, but he's making a pretty impressive go at it.  He even told us the other day when we were out at a volleyball game that he had to go.....and he did.  His dipes continue to be mostly dry throughout the day and he goes fairly often on his little potty chair.  We're getting pretty good at the potty dance too. 

I'm not quite brave enough to let him go out of the house diaper-less yet but his big boy undies are pretty darn cute.


  1. Hooray, Caleb! Way to go! I hear it is MUCH easier if they potty train before 2.5 years, so kudos!

  2. Way to go Caleb!!!! How exciting!

  3. AHAHAHHAHAA CAILOU too! hey, now you have a reason to shop at BYC!