Monday, March 26, 2012

Helicopter Tours

We have some good friends from church (Tyler, Catlin and their daughter Abigail) who fly helicopters and offered to take us on a tour after work one day.  Since Caleb is all about Thomas the tank Engine right now (and Thomas' friend is Herold the Helicopter) and since he loved flying this summer, we thought Caleb would especially enjoy it. And truth be told, we were curious too!  We went this week and had a great time on our "field trip."

Caleb is going through that awkward stage of not liking the camera and not looking at the camera and smiling at the same time (too busy for pics and somewhat self conscious for the first time too) so we were having trouble getting him to look at the camera and sit still. We decided to take a "Caleb picture" where we all were goofy like him.  Of course he chose that picture to look right at the camera with a big grin. Of course.

We enjoyed learning more than we thought possible about Tyler's job, all he does and the helicopter (which is an incredible mystery as to how it actually flies)!  Caleb's favorite part of the day?  The golf cart.

Of Course.

Thanks, Freemans, for a fun (and informative) evening!


  1. I absolutely love and adored the one picture where Caleb's mom and dad were being goofy and Caleb is cooperating! Awesome job Caleb!! Waytago!! You rock!! I love you and miss you all so dearly!! much love, hugs & continued prayers, aunt nj in SD! :o)

  2. Great pictures! Always love goofy! Helicopter is very cool!