Sunday, March 25, 2012

Two births in one week!

I started the week supporting Jeanine's labor, with the birth of Zamanta Elha and I ended the week supporting Corrie's labor, with the birth of Nathaniel Julius Christopher!  It was a blessed (and busy) week.  Corrie went into labor on Tuesday, we transferred up to her birthing center around 2am Wednesday morning and I supported her for just over 60 hours, with Gail coming in to additionally support Thursday morning.  Baby Nathaniel (or "Flip" as we affectionately dubbed him in labor) was born at 3:30 Friday afternoon. Talk about a mom working hard for her baby!  I couldn't have been more proud or impressed by her hard work and determination.

Welcome to this world Nathaniel Julius Christopher Kolbe (aka "Flip").  You are one loved little boy and absolutely adorable too!


  1. It is truly special to get these "insider" glimpses of your outsider ministries -- I guess they are not outsiders, very insided but they are "outside" of the realm of home, if that makes sense. Thank you for sharing! Love, blessings and prayers

  2. What a sweet, sweet little blessing... Thank you Jesus for creating yet a new little boy... Praying for Your precious guidance for him and his family as they raise him. Welcome to this world lil' guy!! I'm so proud of you dear niece of mine... I love you! Keep up the great works that you are doing!
    Love, Hugs & Continued Prayers, aunt nj in SD