Friday, March 16, 2012

A word from March 1971

While I washed the dishes today, I listened to this sermon from Pastor John in March 1971 (while he was still in seminary)!  It was so good and is still so applicable. "Praise is the thing for which we were created! For some of us our stance of life is just not such as overflowing in gratitude and praise to God (but this ought not to be so!) we ought not be satisfied until we praise." When we don't praise, it isn't our new self, it is our old man so weak and beggarly we can't even make a joyful noise..the only thing our old man selves are good for is to go off in the corner and grumble. We need to put our eyes on Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to smother our hearts with the Love of God until the fruit of praise pours out (paraphrase).  Check it out here!

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