Friday, March 2, 2012

Quick Update

This whole blogging thing is getting fairly pathetic!  I keep telling Steve I think I should just give it up but he keeps wanting me to continue....I do see the value in it, if I ever find time to actually do it!

This morning Caleb and I left the house around 8am to drive with Michelle up to Seoul and go to Costco.  We haven't had many opportunities to go to Costco and it is always good when we get the chance.  Food is cheaper there (especially meat and dairy!) and that helps a lot.  It's between an hour and hour and half to drive to Seoul one way and I've been told this Costco is one of the busiest in the world. Busy, crazy, and frenzied are good descriptive words. 

We arrived home around noon, unpacked all our groceries, re-arranged our fridge and freezer to squeeze it all in and thanked the Lord for a kitchen full of food! Next up I did the dishes and some laundry, laid Caleb down for nap and checked in with Steve.  He had been in the office all morning and then went to AK Plaza (a nearby mall) to do a scavenger hunt with a group of students who had the day off from school.  

I finished tidying up, got some reading in and had a friend over for some "couch time."  Steve got home, Caleb woke up and C and I headed over to Michelle's house for a dinner with the ICS Senior class while Steve went out for a Small Group Leader's meeting.  It's 8:20pm and I just finished laying Caleb down for bed and am doing some email, blog, facebook catching up.

And that was our day.  Trade in different activities and you can see what many of our days are composed of....which is why blogging has been put on the back burner and my emails go unanswered.

All in all we are doing well.  There are a lot of posts I keep writing in my head or things I mean to share or thoughts I want to further explore but they are still rattling around in my brain somewhere. I'll probably think of them when I wake up at 2am this morning.  Steve is still enjoying his work here and has been encouraged by some great conversations recently.  He is still looking for a part time second job teaching English and if you could be praying for him to find something that pays well, we would really appreciate it.  We need to find something soon.  

Caleb has been growing taller the past few days and is now in 3T everything (or looking nerdy in 2T since that's what he's got!).  He adds to his vocabulary daily and it's fun to watch and listen to.  He woke up the other morning telling daddy that "he bumped his tummy and needed a new one because it hurt" and another time he "needs a new butt because he went down the Orangie Park slide and it was wet and his butt is wet so he needs a new one."  He has discovered that (said in a very serious tone) "mama's name is really Sarah and daddy's name is actually Steve" and is learning that he needs to call us Mama and Daddy, regardless.  We transitioned him to a big boy bed and I thought we would have Bed Wars but he actually shocked me and did quite well.  He rarely gets out of bed at all.  He lays there and calls for us when he wakes up and he tells us how much he is "excited 'bout my big boy bed! I really like it a lot!"

I took a few things off my plate in January and although I am still fairly busy, have been able to slow down and prioritize a little bit.  My main objective in life right now is Steve (and supporting him) and teaching Caleb and keeping our house home-like.  If I allow my schedule to be too full, I find these top areas suffer.  My time at home is too valuable to do that and I'm glad I was able to re-prioritize.  I am realizing our schedule will always be full but am also learning to keep my priorities straight.  I have two births coming up this month and I am really excited about them.  I'm starting to look more into a work visa (would love prayer on finding a way to obtain one!) but for now am enjoying just doing it for fun and as a ministry to moms here in our community. It is so needed.  The Lord has been close these past few months and I have been learning a lot.  It hasn't been fun or easy but it has been good.  I would love your prayers for grace towards others and a right heart and attitude regardless of circumstances or feelings. 

We are waiting to hear back from Small World Adoption to see if we can go ahead and move forward with them. We really like them as an agency and have been really encouraged by and impressed with them so far.  Before having us do the formal application process (which includes a non-refundable initial payment) they are checking for us to see if we even qualify.  As of right now because of our income level (technically far below "poverty level" apparently) they are not sure we qualify to adopt.  They are looking into it further for us and we will be sure to update you as we hear more.  If you could keep that in your prayers as well, we would appreciate it. It is hard to hear "you (possibly) don't make enough to add to your family."

Steve just walked in from his meeting (they finished before 9pm tonight!) so I'm off to bed. He has some emails to write and needs the computer and I've been trying to get to bed before 9:30 these days. Key word being TRYING.

Thank you for being a part of our lives and keeping us in your prayers. It really means so much!

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