Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Band practice

Dear Charlie,

Let's start a band.

I've been practicing my beats.

I figure with your mad ukulele skills and my beats we should be pretty good. 

We'll make Jude sing...since he's the youngest he'll have to listen to us.

Maybe if I learn to use my feet we could have an extra "cool" factor...?

I'm starting to grow out my hair, whatdoya think? 

Your daddy knows all about long hair and bands so maybe you can get some pointers from him.

Let me know what you think, bro.

Love, Caleb


  1. Dear Caleb,
    Oh yeah, I think I remember you when you said hello to me through my mommy's tummy before you flew over the ocean to a far away land! I'm totally up for the band gig. Practices might be difficult over skype with the delay, but we can try :) Oh, and when Jude comes we can boss him around by saying, "Hey Jude..."
    Miss you bro,

  2. Ha ha ha!! This is so cute, and Calebs long hair is hilarious!! Right now Jude could do the kick drum, but hopefully he will have a great wailing, I mean singing voice :)

  3. Great captions and HANDSOME as ever! A little smooth jazz on the side!