Wednesday, January 19, 2011

horrifying, disgusting, revolting

Check out this adorable baby boy

He is funny, smart, active, social and precious. 

He grew inside me for 9 months.

Legally, during that time I had the "right" to end his life.

Can you imagine?

I could have stopped him from being born, stopped him from enjoying his laughter, brightening our lives with his smile, never given him the chance to learn to walk.

I could have robbed you of the joy of knowing him or reading about him.

He could have never been.

No Caleb Russell.  No first birthday.  No first steps.  No first words.

There are millions who weren't given a name, who didn't get the chance to smile, to walk, to laugh, to talk.
Millions who missed their Birth Day and their first birthdays.
Millions who were silenced, never to speak their first words or breathe even their first breath....or maybe many who did in fact breathe their first breath, just to be cut off without a chance.

This article caught my attention this morning:

Please read it. 
 It is horrifying.  It is disgusting.  It is revoting and it is sickening.

It is hard to read.  But we need to read, we need to know, we need to keep the fight for the unborn alive. We need to fuel our prayer and our resolve. To borrow a prayer from our pastor:  Lord, may abortion be one day (soon!) seen as being as heinous, ugly and unthinkable as slavery.  May it be unacceptable, illegal, and unimagineable.

As a nation we should be sickened and grieved.  We should grieve for the murdered unborn.  We should be repulsed by their deaths as much as we are repulsed by the deaths described in the article above.  Killing and dismembering in the womb or out is no different.  A life is a life.

Can you imagine ours without Caleb?  Can you imagine yours without the little ones you love?  Can you imagine how many countless precious ones as these have been murdered and may yet be murdered? 
Please be disgusted with me and please pray with me for the unborn.


  1. Oh. How solemn. Thank you. I'm more grateful for Caleb now then I was before reading this. Oh. thank you.

  2. Wow! I'm speechless. Way to go for being an advocate for the unborn! YES TO LIFE! (the article is no longer available)