Friday, January 21, 2011

Eating Dirt - Really?

I'm learning a lot of new things about Steve these past months.  Undertaking huge changes, shifting roles, new jobs, and moving cross culturally are great ways to get to know your spouse in new ways and learn a lot of things you never knew about them.  For instance, Steve has proved much more organized than I ever knew him to be before, he has risen to the occasion to lead our family and provide for our family in ways he would have never had the opportunity to do if we had continued living life as we were living it, he has a world of great ideas for planning Wednesday night for the youth, although I don't think preaching is a natural gift to him, teaching and one-on-one discipleship is something he is amazing at and I wouldn't have seen that surface if he had continued in his job in Retirement Services, he is picking up Korean really well (who knew?!), he has a love for adventure etc.  This ginormous life change has also lead to numerous conversations we probably would have never had if we had stayed Stateside.  There have been a lot of hard things and when we first moved here our marriage went through one of the hardest times we had been through and we are still struggle to adjust to less time together BUT it has also been sweet to see Steve unfold and blossom in so many ways and to have these conversations and learn things about him that I never knew before.

All seriousness aside, though, I do have to share this recent coversation.

We recently ate out at a restaurant with another couple from the church and they offered Steve something new to try - they said it was acorn (but it was like jello acorn or something square and jiggly and cold).  Anyway he politely tried it.  Later I was curious and asked him about it.

Me:  "Hey what was that acorn thing like?  Did you like it?"
Steve: "It was okay. I don't really like acorns.  They kinda reminded me of dirt."
Me:  "Have you had acrons before?  And why do they remind you of dirt?"
Steve (nonchalantly, as if it is totally normal):  "I used to eat acorns all the time.  They were under the trees and always had dirt on them because they were sitting on the ground.  I figured the squirrels ate them so I would try them too.  It's not like I was going to go inside and wash them so they always had some dirt on them." 
Learning something new every day.  Wow.


  1. Ewww Steve! I used to collect acorns when I was little, but I often found little worms in them, so that dissuaded me from eating them. :)

  2. ha ha ha! It sorta dissuaded me from kissing him! =)

  3. Great, great story! LOL on your above comment!