Sunday, April 24, 2011

Olivia's Birthday Party!

Yesterday we went to a friend of Caleb's birthday party.  Olivia's third birthday! 

Her mom (Ashley) did a great job with the decorations and desserts for the "Olivia's Sweet Shoppe" theme. She made everything herself and it was just too cute.  Rumor has it she is starting her own blog soon (right Ashley?!? =)  I'll have to post the link when she does so we can all learn from her adorable,crafty, creative ways.

Olivia and Caleb really enjoy each other....she has that "big sister" affection for him (she even prays for him at night, how sweet is that?) and he follows her around like a puppy dog, taking instruction and enjoying the attention.  In my head, I picture this is how he will be with his cousin Audrey.  (Sidenote:  I miss you Audrey!!!  You are such a great big cousin and big sister). 

Pictured above, Caleb taking cooking lessons from Olivia....or whatever it was they were doing...all I know is Olivia dressed him in the apron and they seemed to be having fun!

Most of the party, though, Caleb was enthralled with playing this toy piano (he's your nephew Jeni....I think he'll be taking lessons from you in a few years!).  I think I've mentioned before, he loves music and he thoroughly enjoyed playing for the party on Saturday.  Below are some clips I thought you might enjoy.

Happy Birthday, sweet Olivia Claire!  May God bless you this next year of life!

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