Thursday, April 14, 2011


Steve came up with this clever (in my probably not so humble wifey opinion) idea of doing video blog announcements for the youth group.  He posts them on his youth group's facebook page and so far the youth have been really enjoying it.  Apparently video blogs are all the rage right now in young adult/teen/tween cyperspace soooooooo they enjoy Steve's little clips more than a facebook message, status update or verbal announcements and they seem to (oddly) remember the details of the events better this way too.  Below is a clip Steve made today for an event this weekend. 

Yes, you did understand that correctly and no I will not be present to witness Steve getting attacked by an attack dog (even with an attack suit, it sounds terrifying).  He hopes to get video and pics so I'll post as I am able sometime next week (hopefully).

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  1. Oh man does that ever sound like fun! What a great opportunity! (That's the tomboy side of me coming out) The dog teeth do look pretty scary! It would be fun to see how far you got before you were taken down. I can hardly wait for the pics and clips! I have to say too that I will be praying for everyones safety! <3