Saturday, April 30, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Here we go! 
Are you ready? 
I'm about to dump a lot of pictures on you....One, two, three, Go!

Homeplus - Caleb discovered the carts with cars and loved it.

Windy day + long hair

+ leaves

and blue skies and shadows

Love. His. Giggles.

Running away from mama

trying to catch back up

Every rare now and then, I still glimpse his baby-self peaking out of toddler-ness.  This is one of those moments, captured.
Enjoying my sunshine-y porch....favorite reading spot.

Cute baby Isaac and his matchy-match parents....we sat behind them in our membership class.
Isaac was distracting.  So cute and new, how can you not snap pictures?

Our fridge broke down...always fun with a language barrier! Thankful for bilingual friends!

Steve playing with the youth

Good Friday service (Korean Sanctuary)

Ah! I'm so head-over-heals!

Easter morning surprises...Thank you to everyone who sent fun new gifts!

Easter service (combined).
I really enjoyed our sunrise service (not pictured) with the English side.

More Easter service....the Korean side usually has 3 services, so they combined them all into one plus the English side....there were a lot of people!

Package from Bestimor!

Getting "mobbed" on the playground - Blonde American babies attract attention!

Daddy's blankie + Caleb's blankie + Teddy = Sweet nappie time sleep (2-3 hours lately!)

Lil C is loving puzzles these days....and getting pretty good at them too.  "Pu pu" is his word for puzzles and he goes to the shelf we have them on and asks regularly for his puzzles.

Notice my reflection in Australia? 
Sidenote: If I make it to Aulstralia, I'll have been on 6 of the 7 continents!

This is Abby (one of the girls in the youth group)...She's a big sweetheart and we've enjoyed getting to know her and her family (they are a lot of fun).  We recently went to her drum concert, pictured above.

Cheesy smiles

Working on "perfecting" the spoon...loving sweet potato, carrot, apple lentil soup.
If you've never made it, I highly recommend it.  One of our faves - num!

Getting taller...he can now reach all of our top drawers and get everything out. 
Time to move the knives (formerly located in a top kitchen drawer, now reachable).

Well, it's way too late now.  Blogger has been giving me all sorts of problems with posting pictures, so each one of these suckers took way too long to post (if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment with a how-to, it keeps telling me 'server rejected').  Sigh.  Well, now you have them and I hope you enjoyed them because it took me all of 3 hours to post these! 

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  1. I think the Sunshine-y porch would be my favorite place to read too and maybe a cat nap.

    I love the picture of Caleb peeking over the table! : )

    Other favorites: "head over heals picture", "love.his.giggles" and "Good Friday".

    Thanks for sharing!