Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Birthday Cards!

Thank you to many who sent such sweet Birthday cards and wishes!

Caleb really enjoyed the cards.  He loves to read and I think they reminded him of books.  He kept carrying them around and stopping to "read" them.  He sits cross legged now and "reads" and it melts my heart.  He also carries them over to us and asks us to read them to we read your birthday wishes several times a day!  Thank you for all the love, for remembering his first birthday and all the "new books" to read!


  1. Awe, I love that he crosses his legs when he sits!! So proper. :) I love the pics, I'm sure Caleb will appreciate looking through these one day!

  2. The first little picture reminds me of a sign of intelligence. The opening scene in a movie where the child reflects back on his childhood. The little hood on his head is sooooo cute as he sits there cross legged enjoying every little juicy detail about his bday card! Who would have that that a little one year old would love his cards so much. : ) Intelligent I tell you!