Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hangout @ the Housers

Every second Saturday we have a "Hangout @ the Housers" activity night for the youth. 

It is a low-key hangout time in our apartment and a great chance for me to get to know the youth and be (somewhat) a part of things (since it is in our home) and gives us a chance to have our home be an open place for the youth and for them to see us in a more "informal" way.  It's been a lot of fun, we've enjoyed doing them. 

This past Saturday we tried to do a "summer-themed" party since spring is in the air here and we can't wait for summertime!  We bought goofy sunglasses for people to wear, had pizza and ice cream buffet, and played "lawn bowling" on our area rug (and later we played a master tournament of jenga). 

I thought I'd post a few pictures, just so you can see some of the youth and what Steve has been up to.

This upcoming weekend Steve will be taking the youth on an overnight ski trip (Friday-Saturday)....please keep him in your prayers, I would really rather not have a dead or injured husband by Sunday!

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  1. Fun! I'm glad you have hang out times at your house. I love that it give you a chance also to get to know the youth!