Thursday, February 24, 2011

Korean Youth Recital

I titled this post "Korean Youth Recital" but it could also perhaps be called "Caleb's First Rock Concert."  I enjoyed it but I do have to say, it was really loud!  Does that statement age that a sign I'm getting old?(that I fiind concerts to be too loud)?  Just wondered that out loud as I typed.

Anyway, as I've mentioned before, Steve works for a Korean Church that has a ministry outreach to English speakers.  The English ministry side functions in many ways as its own church, but it is technically under the broader Korean Church.  So there is a head Pastor (Pastor Bae) who is head over the entire church (Korean and English) and there are a number of other pastors for the Korean side (a children's pastor, a youth pastor, a young adults pastor, a women's director etc) and then there is Pastor Nelson Chapman who is the head pastor of the English ministry and Steve who works with the youth on the English ministry side.

That said, there is a large Korean youth group on the Korean church side.  However, since there are a number of mixed families that go to the church (usually Korean mom/American dad), there are a number of kids who speak both English and Korean and who have parents who go to both sides and because of this there are a few kids who like to attend both the Korean youth group and the English youth group. 

Recently the Korean youth group put on a large performance and so Steve and Caleb and I went to watch and support several of the students who attend both youth groups.  It was a huge production!  It is all in Korean but I thought you might enjoy some short clips -- both to see some of the production and to hear some Korean! I took these on Steve's phone so they are just really short clips but you can get the idea anyway.... Enjoy!

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