Saturday, February 19, 2011

Eating food!

I'm trying not to get too excited but Caleb seems to be eating more solid food these days.  He will now at least take one bite at every meal and sometimes he takes so many bites, I stop counting.  He seems to like soup the best, he enjoys spice (curry, chili powder etc) and he likes meat (Steve's child, in case you can't tell by looking at him).  He enjoys puffs, bread and crackers more than I would like him to.  He loves oranges but doesn't like vegetables...I guess that's a typical kid for you, though, right?

Lately, he has been all about using a spoon to feed himself.  I've resigned myself to the fact that life is just going to be a bit messy for a few years.  The other day I let him tackle his yogurt.  It ended up getting a little more carried away than I was anticipating but by the end of it, he had figured out how to get yogurt from the container to his mouth with the spoon fairly well.  We both had fun and hit the tub after.  I almost forgot to take pictures but am glad I remembered.  These are the ones you enjoy looking back on!

And since we had so much fun we just had to show daddy when he got home, so I let him experiment again the other's a little clip.  Don't ask me what all his little facial expressions mean, we are still trying to figure it out ourselves!  Also, listen for his "mmm-mmm!" and "more" part way through.  Love his little voice!

And here are a few from when we ate chili the other night, which he loved.


  1. How precious! But how can the poor lil guy eat yogurt with a FORK????

  2. ha ha ha...he dropped his spoon that he started with and then reached out to the table and grabbed my fork.

  3. A little guy after my own heart liking the spicey food! Go Caleb!