Friday, February 11, 2011

Grace & Mercy

I was going to post this last week but in the craziness, it didn't happen.  I still really wanted to post it, because it is really good. 

When Steve and I were thinking and praying about where the Lord would have us and what we should be doing right now in our lives and if Steve should go into ministry, we always said we would not move unless it was for a really, really solid church.  And we were picky.  Steve was very picky about where he would or would not apply to.  One of the things that really attracted us to this church (Songtan Central Baptist Church) was what they believed and that we knew the Gospel was preached and believed.  If you are a believer or a non-believer, we need the Gospel and we need it preached to us!

This sermon is not by our head pastor (Nelson Chapman) but it is so Gospel saturated and we were really encouraged by it.  We hope you take a minute (or about 30) and are encouraged by it as well.  The guy preaching (Eric) and his wife Laurie are teachers here at ICS and are expecting their first baby in about a month.  They are in our small group and we are really excited to go deep with them and to grow closer to the Lord together.

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  1. Hey, thanks, Sarah! I'm glad God could use Eric's sermon and that it meets your standard (and mine!). We love SCBC too and are excited to get going with you guys and our small group too. I'm so thankful God has finally brought some other young couples our way that we can walk through life with here.