Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Brief Update Day 8

I'm exhausted so heading to bed but I know so many people are wondering how the feeding went and what the update far, so good.  As of earlier today Evelyn Grace still has fluid draining from her lungs (bad thing) but so far the have not seen any breastmilk from her feeding show up (great thing).  They allowed her to have another 10cc of breastmilk today (AND GUESS WHO GOT TO FEED IT TO HER THIS TIME?!?!? THAT'S RIGHT, HER MAMA!!! 'BOUT TIME).  They remain cautiously optimistic but say it could be as late as Friday or this weekend before we would see anything conclusive with the feedings. For now, they will continue to feed her a little each day unless something shows up.  Praise the Lord! May He allow it to continue!

Her catheter has been removed and she is now in diapers.  She has a new IV in her arm that wasn't there before (not sure why or what it is)  and she is slightly less sedated than before which means we've heard a few little whimpers of her sweet voice and had a few movements too. She is back on oxygen because it was too much of a strain for her to breath without it. She is still doing the breathing herself (yay!) but she has an oxygen tube in her nose to help.  She is down to 5lbs 14 ounces today and the doctor thinks today or tomorrow *should be* her lowest weight and then she might start gaining since she has been allowed to eat.  Can not believe that in 8 days she has dropped so much (fluid) weight from her original 9.02lbs! Or that she was that swollen/inflated to start with -wow.

Thank you for upholding her (and us) in your prayers.  I know the Lord is listening to the prayers of His people and answering. I know He is sustaining her and giving her breath and life.  We praise Him for 8 days and ask for many, many more.  We are amazed at His healing already and the quick progress she is making (her story is not typical of a Hydrops baby) and pray for continued progress.  Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Also a special, special thank you to so many here in our local community who have POURED OUT love upon love upon love to us in the form of organizing, cleaning, coming over to help me with Caleb during the days, bringing meals, bringing groceries, coming over to talk and comfort and caring for us in such tangible and helpful ways. You have no idea how helpful this has been/is - we literally could not have done this without you.  Thank you just doesn't say it.


  1. So amazing! God is soooo GOOD!! Thank You Lord, for the way you are working in this precious little life of Evelyn Grace! Thank You Lord, for the way their church community has been a huge help to Sarah, Steve and lil' Caleb... Thank You once again too, Lord for their great medical team who are caring for Evelyn. To You Father in Heaven, we give YOU all the Glory! My love, hugs and prayers, continue! Love, a. norma

  2. Wow, the milestones keep coming! Diapers! Yah!! Mama feeding! Yah! Help from so many! Yah! No breast milk detected in fluid! Yah! Stay strong!

  3. "If you want to cry" should be the new name of your blog! haha I am kidding, but I cry every time I read your blog about Evelyn, tears of sadness and tears of joy!! I am bursting at the seams with happiness for you all, what progress sweet baby Evelyn has made. She is teeming with LIFE! Love you all!