Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Prayers from our Youth Group

One thing we say over and over to each other multiple times a day is how tangibly we feel the prayers of everyone enveloping us and bringing us constantly before our Heavenly Father.  I have never felt so deeply covered in prayer as I have this past week.  It is such a huge encouragement and blessing to us and it means absolutely so much as we receive note after note telling us "I'm praying" and "I've shared your prayer request with my Church" and "You don't know me but I heard your story and I want you to know I'm praying for you."  It has been overwhelming (in the very best kind of way!) and has given us so much hope and encouragement.  I know our Heavenly Father hears every prayer and I know He is at work in and through this.

One extremely special thing that happened while we were up in the hospital was that Jason (one of Steve's good friends and also a youth group volunteer) helped some of the students from the youth group put together this video of verses and prayers for our family.  We watched it one evening while we were up in the hospital and it was a huge blessing to us.  These are students we love and pour into, turning around to pour into and encourage US.  This video is a special part of this road we are on so I wanted to include it here - I hope it blesses you as it did us and gives you a little flavor of some of the students we have the joy of working with here in Songtan.

To any of the students reading:  this was such a blessing to us, thank you for your love, support, and encouragement to us during this time. Thank you for your prayers - I know God is listening and hearing and answering.  We love you guys!


  1. What a great youth group bunch you have! Can hear/see/feel God's love pouring through them to you, etc. God bless each of them. Did I mention how great and awesome our God is?! :o)
    Love, Hugs and Continued Prayers, a. norma

  2. Hawa, thank you for keeping us up-dated. It is a great encouragement for me to see the progress Evelyn is making and how the Lord is answering prayers on her behalf. I am praying for Evelyn's progress- that it would go quickly so that she can come "home" to her loving family as soon as possible. All four of you are loved and in our prayers. Dad

  3. Hearing the scriptures chosen and read, the prayers over you from the ones you went to serve, fruit of your labor and theirs, this was very very special and very moving, please tell them I felt blessed hearing the words today, praying for all the gaps needing filled with Steve so wonderfully caring for the family God has blessed him with!