Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Steve went back to work this morning (don't worry, I had some great friends come over to keep me company this morning, help take care of C and clean up the house!) - he had some meetings in the morning and then headed up for the hospital, bringing his "desk" with him.  He saw Evelyn Grace at her 1-2pm visiting time and then he set up in the hospital and knocked some work out until her 7:30 visit time.  At 8pm I received this picture in a text:

Not sure I've ever been so jealous!
Steve was able to give Evelyn Grace her first taste of "food" tonight.  Thankfully I have been pumping and getting a little milk (praying for more) and he was able to feed her that at her first feeding.  We are so glad he was there for it (at least one of us was) but seriously, this should be reserved for mamas!!!
And now please PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!
We are praying the Lord would graciously allow this feeding to go okay with no complications and no leaking out of her chest tubes. They will be closely monitoring her chest tube fluid for breastmilk...If milk comes through they will confirm  a problem with her lymphatic system and the chylothorax diagnosis.  This will mean she will not be abel to feed for about another 3 weeks in which time we will pray and they will hope that her body will self correct. They will try again in several weeks and see the results.  It could potentially go on like that for some time OR her body will self correct and begin to heal.  It's our prayer that the feed will go well and there will be no complications with it...will you join us?

Enjoy your milk coma baby girl - may there be many more to come!


  1. Oh glorious day to see her eating!! I sure don't blame ya for being jealous! Praying har for the feeding to go great! Pressing on in prayers and praises with you in His Love, a. norma

  2. Love you guys. Kasi and I have been praying and I've asked our church and my basketball league to be praying also.

    Hope she gets to keep eating.

    - Dave

  3. I think I've cried every time I read this blog. I'm so glad little Evelyn is making strides. We sure love you and your sweet family and keep praying. May peace surround your family today. Thank you so much for all the updates.