Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 9

And the days go on....not much of an update for day 9 but I know a lot of people are wondering so I don't want to NOT post.  Steve got to see Evelyn Grace this morning but we have not been able to talk to any doctors the past two days.

one of my all time favorite pictures!

 He fed her another bottle (we are assuming it is a good thing they keep feeding her) and he said her sucking reflex was better today.  The first day she wasn't able to finish her bottle herself (they ended up finishing it in her food line) and the second day she finished by herself but it took her a long, long time and needed a lot of help. Today she finished fairly quickly and didn't need as much coaxing.

mama's milk

Her weight is down to 5 pounds 13 ounces today, slightly lower than yesterday.  She continues to drain fluid out of her lungs (about 60 cc's a day) which is still confusing and concerning.  So far, so good with the feedings though - as far as we know, they have not found breastmilk in the fluid.  This is HUGE and an answer to prayer.

We hope to go up tomorrow for the mid-day visitint time (this is the time that we can talk to the doctors and the longest visit time), which means I will hopefully be able to go and see her. I long to see her and hold her close and have her home.  I miss her so much and feel so empty not being pregnant but also not having her in my arms.

Caleb has been a trooper through all of this and it continues to be very confusing to him.

Driving to Seoul to see Baby Sister

He talks about baby sister a lot and asks about her. He keeps asking to SEE her and he doesn't understand why we go see her but he can't.  Two days ago when we went up to the hospital together, we gave him the "very special job of carrying mama's milk to the NICU for baby sister."  He absolutely loved his "special job" and beamed with pride carrying the milk to her.  He was thrilled when I came out with a picture of her drinking "the milk he brought" from a bottle.  He keeps talking about how he brings his sister her milk.  Love him!!!

He is starting to adjust better and it has been so good for him to be home, in his own home, with his own things, with us.  It was a very rough few days at first of him being very clingy and very teary and very upset and acting out a lot but he is getting back to "normal" and we are enjoying our time with him. 

This whole thing has made me realize just HOW very blessed we were to have a healthy baby and delivery and now a healthy little boy.  It's always a joy and a blessing when babies are born and we thank the Lord for safe and healthy deliveries but we just don't realize what a huge blessing and miracle it truly is when babies are born healthy and whole and safe. It is so easy to take life and health and breath for granted.  These days we have been thanking the Lord for all of our breathes of life that He gives and sustains daily, hourly, second by second. 


  1. Oh, I have been wondering exactly about those very things; her sucking reflex and how Caleb is doing in the midst of it all, thanks for this timely update, yes! Every day you post is meaningful!

  2. So good to hear continued answers to prayers and to hear how Caleb is doing. We continue to lift up all four of you to our "God of refuge & strength, our very present help in trouble" Ps 46:1.

  3. Thank you for the updates Sarah, I can't imagine how tiring it must be to add one more thing to your long days, but I am so thankful and from all the comments here and on facebook, SO MANY are following and praying! Praise God!! In awe of how she continues to progress, and amidst all the unknown, God is VERY PRESENT, like the verse mentioned above. Praying specifically for Caleb today, that God would give him a sweet understanding of how important his "milk delivery" job is :) and that he would be inexplicably well behaved for his amazing parents. May God continue to be your strength and refuge (can't think of a better verse than the one she mentioned above!)Love you Sarita!

  4. Hey Housers- Just know that I am praying with Zamanta for you all! Blessings!