Monday, January 21, 2013

Sunday's Sermon

Yesterday was a really hard day.  My arms felt very empty.  I distinctly remember the first Sunday after Caleb was born and bringing him to Church for the first time. It was just really special to me - our whole little family of 3 all together for Church for the first time.  And getting to show him off to everyone.  And just the milestone of "his first Church service."  It was just really special.  This Sunday was my first Sunday back and I wasn't pregnant but neither did I have a baby with me.  I knew in my head that I have a million reasons to rejoice and be thankful (and I AM thankful!!) but my heart hurt nonetheless and my arms felt their emptiness.

Steve was called upon this Sunday to preach and even though he didn't have a lot of time to prepare, he felt like the Lord had a message on his heart to give.  He shares a lot of our story and the hope we have looked to and clung to these past 3 weeks...He shares the only real comfort we felt and the only way we have survived the nightmare that January brought.  If you are interested in listening, you can listen to it here.

It was really neat how the Lord worked the whole morning out.  The worship leader did not know Steve was going to be preaching or what he was preaching on but every song fit perfectly with the message.  Also, a friend of ours did the song during offerring and asked everyone to meditate on Psalm 18 while he played....Psalm 18 was a chapter I read frequently the week we were in the hospital.  He didn't know that either.  It was just overall a neat service and it felt so good to be back together with our church family.  Looking forward to the Sunday we can introduce our baby girl.


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  1. So great to hear that Evelyn continues to heal in God's Hands. Like, wow... I listened to Steve's message yesterday (Sun.) and it was very powerful and very well done. For someone who has to be so very tired and all, Steve did a fantastic job. Thanks Steve! My church and I am continuing our prayers for each of you and the doctors team as well. Love you! Hugs and Prayers, a. norma