Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Different Things

Today was probably one of the best days since we've been here.  Things are normalizing out some, our sleep is adjusting to the 15 hour time difference, Caleb's cold seems a little better and he got two good naps in today, Steve had a great day of planning and meeting with his boss, and I got all of our stuff unpacked and put away.  Now we still have about 20 boxes of things we mailed (mostly books!) that we'll be getting at various points (hopefully) in the next 6 weeks (we shipped most of it media mail or space available mail to save the church some money), but for now I have everything put away and all our clothes organized etc.  That felt pretty good to get that all done.  I also did a lot of cleaning and that felt good to get done as well. 

Here are a few random pictures we snapped along our day:

Me an' Lil C making toast for breakfast....using the broiler, since we don't have a toaster. 

I am also getting used to having a gas takes some getting used to but overall it isn't too bad...things sure heat up faster!  No wait time.

Getting used to our Korean thermostat, thankful for our cheat sheet that one of the bilingual ladies in the church made for us.

We got our home phone set up...

Batphone anyone?

After work we went for a walk in a different direction than we have gone before and explored our first grocery store.....For the most part, it was like any other grocery you might happen upon, except it was all in Korean, there was a lot more fish and seafood than you might normally see in a store in the States, and most fruit and veggies were shrink wrapped in saran wrap. 

On the way home, we saw this common (in Korea) sight...they park vehicles half way up on the sidewalk.  I guess since space is limited and streets are already narrow....just something different I guess.  Not a sight you are likely to see in St. Paul!

On the way home we enjoyed the sunset.


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  1. LOL on the batphone comment! Thank heaven for the cheat sheet!!!! I worked with a Koren lady for 10 years at Focus on the Family. She loved her rice and seaweed! About 4 of us worked early in the mornings and she'd make rice for us with this special soy sauce for breakfast. Yum!