Friday, November 5, 2010

I guess we're moving to South Korea

So it feels more real now.  More like we are for real moving and not just talking about it.  I'm not sure what to expect but whatever lies ahead, here we come.  No turning back now.  So what does it feel like to be moving to South Korea, you ask?  Are we excited? YES!  Nervous? Absolutely.  Anxious? Trying not to be...

And intimidated (We've never done something like this before!).  And sad (we have so many people we are going to miss).  And lonely.  And half crazy with to-do's.  Maybe a little terrified thrown in somewhere, along with a little exhilarated. 

We continue to feel this is absolutely where we should be and that this is the right move for our family.  Even though the next few weeks will be rough and transplanting ourselves across the ocean isn't going to be easy, we trust the Lord's hand is in it and we know He is always Faithful.  Even when it is hard.  Especially when it is hard.  After all, isn't that when you can see his faithfulness most clearly?  Sometimes I think it is easy to miss his goodness in the smooth sailing times of's so easy to mistake it for our own doing.

I guess the best description of us these days is "Traveling Circus Act"  This will give you the best idea of what our days look like between the car-fulls of things we need to carry with us everywhere, the piles of things we are getting ready to ship, the half finished "to-do" lists laying around that we keep misplacing, the scattered brains of two over-tired parents and a teething, spirited, adorably confused 9 month sure not to miss The Houser Family Circus Act!

Speaking of my adorably confused, spirited-with-a-touch-of-angel, opinionated, clapping, smiley, trying hard to communicate, active, determined, curious, boyish, cute and blond 9 month old who recently figured out how to point to my eyes, nose and mouth when asked.....Happy Nine Months baby boy!

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  1. "The Houser Family Circus Act!" Cute! I have many more enteries to read which I am so happy for. Looking forward to when I have a longer stretch of time to continue the saga....