Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nov. 23, 2010

I have no creative title for today's post and no pics either, sadly.  But I thought I'd post a quick little update about our day while Steve gives Caleb his evening bath (yes, we DO have a bathtub!! We had thought we wouldn't but one of the many good surprises we had regarding our housing situation was that we do have a bathtub.  It's small but it's a tub!).

Today we went to a town called Suwon, about 30 minutes from the town we live in (Songtan).  We went to Suwon because we had to go to the closest Immigration office to apply for the equivalent of a green card.  Steve is here in Korea on a missionary/working visa and I'm here as his spouse and Caleb as his son (makes sense, right?) but in order to get paid, set up bank accounts, get cell phone accounts, get driver's licences etc we need to have this green card.  So Pastor Cho drove us to Suwon Immigration Office and helped us through the process.  Thankfully it didn't take long but now we have to wait 10 days to get our green cards....Here's to hoping it doesn't take the full ten days because that's a long time to wait to get all the other things in place!

On a separate note, this  morning was Steve's first morning in the office.  He got his desk and got his computer and internet working.  He sent me an email from work that said "I already love this job."  I'm so proud of Steve and so happy for him that he can finally be doing his "dream job" and what he feels called to do....I feel he is so gifted in this area and it has been fun to see him at work already, meeting people, loving people, praying for people, and leading the youth last Sunday.  He has jumped right in and is so excited about the youth and also about the men's ministry here at the church.  Besides loving the youth and wanting to declare God's faithfulness to the next generation, Steve has a burden for men and seeing men sharpen and encourage one another to be Godly, faithful men and leaders.  I know he feels that burden for himself and he looks forward to his fellowship with the men of SCBC. 

Lastly, you can keep Caleb in your prayers....he is sick =(  He has a horrible barking cough and a very snotty  little nose.  I feel so sad for him, watching him being sick.  No fun at all!  I'm praying his body fights it off and he is feeling better soon.

And as for me?  I think my adjustment here is proving harder than I had expected.  I know this is where we are supposed to be and I'm so excited for Steve but at the same time, I'm really missing home right now and all our friends and family and I'm struggling to adjust and aclimate to a number of things here.  I'm thankful, though, for the community of believers here and their outpouring of love and care for us.  I'm thankful too for all of YOU and your love and care and support of us too in this transition.  You are missed!

Much Love, Sarah


  1. What a blessing to see your husband doing what he loves :) Praying for Caleb to heal quickly, and praying lots for you dear Sarah. I am so grateful for your wonderfully obedient heart to go when God asked you to go and now to stay when he asks you to stay. Praying for friendships to begin and for this place to become your new home. I love you so so much and lifting you up daily!

  2. No worries about a creative little title. What's in a title anyways! Was sorry to hear of Caleb being sick and your hard adjustment time. I'm hoping that as I continue to read through your blogs it gets better. Since starting to read your blog I've become more regular about praying for you, Steve, and Caleb.