Saturday, November 20, 2010


Just a few highlights from our last weeks and days Stateside:

Our going away cake, complete with a picture of Korea!

Caleb loves his cousins!

Visiting with Great-Grandma and new baby cousin!

Steve's cousin, her husband and son took us out for Korean food...the boys had trouble sitting still so all the pics are blurry but it was a fun night--Thank you Cayfords!

Rocking and reading with Grandma

Visiting with Aunt Sandee and Uncle Rich who drove all the way to MN to see us before we left!

My beautiful sisters being Aunties =)

Playing with Opa

Caleb LOVES Sadie, just about the cutest thing ever

Rough housing with cousin Lukey and Daddy


Satisfied after enjoying Grandma's homeade chicken noodle soup

Matching Opa!

Just being a family....

Playing with Grandpa!

Snuggling Grandma!


  1. :) I love seeing your family Sarah!

  2. Beautiful picutres!!!! Yes, these pictures made me cry too. : )