Sunday, November 14, 2010

Last days in the U.S.

So I had a nice blog post update all written up yesterday to post and now our computer started acting up so I can't use it and there sits my unposted blogpost....sad.  Tonight I don't have the energy to re-write or the creative burst to make up a new one so your stuck with this quick update.  Hopefully our computer gets fixed tomorrow and then you can read my thoughts from yesterday. 

In less than five days I will be writing from South Korea.  That's just plain wierd.

Tonight is our last night at my parents' house...we've been here for a little over a week and Caleb has had a blast playing with his grandparents!

We have a lot of last minute errands and last minute details and last minute packing to do tomorrow and Tuesday, which feels stressful.  I have said often recently that I feel like we've been running at about 110MPH the past four weeks and I'm so exhausted.  I'm all worn out emotionally and physically.  As much as I hate planes and as much as I dread how Caleb might react, a 14 hour plane ride is almost sounding more and more least we'll have no places to run to or things to do!

So that's a brief update on us right now....Hopefully more to come soon.


  1. We will pray for a really peaceful plane ride, both for Caleb and for you guys to just pour out your hearts to the Lord and let him surround you with encouragement, joy, peace, and love as you begin this new adventure.

  2. This Oma was VERY unprepared to come home from work tonight and find ALL of Caleb's "things" GONE! The house feels so empty. He is SUCH a delight, you are --we are--so blessed by his huge smile and easy going ways. His time and your time with us this past week was wonderful, thank you. It speaks of that passion for family you guys blogged about long ago. I need you to leave me one of the hats or onsies or socks he's outgrown so i can put it under my pillow and bring it out to snuggle with. Thank you so much for your insights and hearts, we are going to miss you guys but it blesses us more that you are willing to go -- prayers tears and love go with you!

  3. hey sarah! lifting you guys up (did you get my package??)