Friday, November 26, 2010

Subject: Hey Sweetie

For the first time in our marriage (2.5 years) we have felt too busy to spend a lot of time together connecting and just spending time together.  Between taking care of Caleb, being sick (for about 3 weeks now two or all three of us have been sick and we woke up  this morning feeling something new coming on!), packing, moving, living in other people's homes, running around doing errands and getting set up with life here we have just felt really busy and felt the strain of not being able to spend quality time together.  Even though we have seen each other each day and been together, we feel like we've hardly really connected.  That's been hard.  I miss him! But we know there are seasons of life when it is just like that and we are committed to working through it and MAKING time.

Steve had to run into the office this morning for a pastor's meeting and then stayed after to get some things prepared for his parent's meeting this Sunday....I checked my email while he was gone and had one waiting from him.  This is what it said:

Subject:  Hey Sweetie
I love you like grass loves the rain
I love you like a horse loves oats
I love you like a tight rope walker loves his tightrope
I love you like a parachute jumper loves his parachute
I love you like electronics love plug-ins
I love you like Caleb loves his puffs
I love you like Posey loves people food
I love you like you love spreadsheets.....No I love you like Dan Schmidt loves spreadsheets!
I love you like Koreans love Kimchee
I love you like kids love being popular
I love you like shoppers love black friday
I love you like millions of people love facebook...I'm addicted to you. Smile
I love you like I love YOU
I love you like a sick person loves helpful medicine
I love you like Christ loves his church..... I would give myself for you to live.


  1. So sweet!!! Also, wow, he does love you a lot if it's like Dan's love for his spreadsheets!!! :)

  2. :) love this like Steve loves Sarah!

  3. You're cute Ang! =)

    Yes, I had to laugh aboutt he Dan and spreadsheets part....

  4. AAAaaaaaauuuuuuggggg! Cute! awesome! we knew He was the one for you Hawa!

  5. Oh my gosh there go my tear ducts again! I love Steve's poem of love for you. : )