Sunday, October 31, 2010

Aunt Norma Jean

During our visit to Grandma Hope's we took a day trip to Souix Falls to visit my Aunt Norma Jean.  I didn't include it in my previous post about Grandma's because, well, I figured it needed it's own post.  My dear Aunt Norma is a very special part of my life.  Although I've never lived in extremely close proximity to her, she has always felt close....Besides being one of the sweetest people you will meet, she is also a strong prayer warrior on my behalf.  I'm thankful for her in my life and grateful for her prayers.  I love my Aunt Norma Jean and we enjoyed our visit to her home this past week.

It was Caleb's first time in South Dakota!

It was also his first snow!  He made all sorts of goofy faces when the cold, wet snow hit his face.  Then, once we were safe inside he enjoyed watching it from Norma's big can't see the snow too well in this picture (it was just a light dusting) but he's pretty cute to look at!

Caleb also had all sorts of fun checking out Norma's chair....I think she wins "coolest person" in his book for her sweet ride.....He (of course) loves everything with a motor, so this for sure had his full attention. 

Check out this short clip of Caleb:

He also enjoyed meeting Cokoa (Norma's kitty).

Although, I'm not sure Cokoa enjoyed meeting Caleb quite as much......

But I do have to say, Cokoa handled it well (for the most part)

It was a great trip and I am just so thankful for this dear auntie in my life -- For her prayers, her encouragement, her love, her support and her constant concern for me and for rmy family.  We are so blessed by you, my dear Auntie!

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  1. Yeah! South Dakota!!!!!
    The last time I saw Norma and Hope was in 2005...way to long ago. I loved the clip and hearing Hope and Norma's voice. Caleb clapping was adorable!!!! In December I saw an old college friend and she had a picture of Hope, Norma, and I. We were a bunch of hot babes! I forgot how beautiful Cokoa is! : )