Thursday, October 14, 2010

Visas approved

We had a call late last night from Pastor Nelson in South Korea that our Visas were approved.  We can now move forward with shipping our things and working on scheduling flights....soon (Lord willing) we will have an actual departure date.  Pastor Nelson thinks we should aim for around the second or third week of November.  Today we are working on figuring out which Korean embassy to mail our passports to (I am currently on hold with the Korean Embassy in Chicago as I write) in order to get the visa approval attached to our passports.

Later today we will be looking at flights and deciding which airline we want to use....this way we can begin accumulating frequent flier miles.  Any suggestions?  Our choices seem to be United, Delta and Korean Air.  We've heard United has a good frequent flier program...If any of you readers have experience to share, feel free to leave a comment! =)

In addition to this, Steve is starting on his pile of books he needs to have read before class (coming up in 2 short weeks) and is brainstorming his thesis topic (which he also has to choose before class).  It has been fun hearing his thoughts and ideas. 

On the Souh Korean front, it sounds like they have started looking for a home for us (now that our visas are approved) and also for furniture.  Since we are not bringing much with us, they are graciously providing us with most of what we will need.

Everything is suddenly feeling a lot more real.  That is both good and hard.

Stay tuned for more!

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