Sunday, October 31, 2010

Who reads this lil blog, anyway?

I'm still learning about this blogging business but recently noticed there is a 'stats' page and one feature on it is a map showing all the countries that have people who have viewed my blog.....It was fun to see becuase as I noted the different countries I had a pretty good idea of who in that country might be viewing our little blog....growing up an MK I know we have a lot of friends all over the world and it is fun to be connected to all of you.....Thanks for your love and support!

So far I've had views from the following countries:
United States, Norway, Canada, Germany, South Korea (woohoo!), Singapore, India, Russia, Senegal, and Austria.

If you are a distant friend keeping up with us through this blog, please leave a comment and let me know you're checking in with us!


  1. AWESOME pictures, i'm impressed! Can;t wait to see you adding to the book i've begun, when will we coordinate that? Grandma Hope and Aunt Norma Jean LOVED having you guys -- you truly are passionate about family!!! love you!! Glad you still like my pies the best : ) mommy OMA

  2. I am reading your blog! Wow, Caleb has gotten so big and he's just adorable! Praying for your family, Sarah!
    -Kelley Speck

  3. KELLEY!!! We miss you! Where are you these days? Please keep in touch! ~Sarah