Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Great Article

I had an email from my dad tonight with a link to an article about North Korea that made him think of us...It is titled "Weeping for North Korea" and I am attaching the link below.  I would agree with my dad that it is a very touching article, full of applicable truth.  It helps that the topic is close geographically to where we are about to move but the article's relevance really is not bound by geography or life situation....I'd encourage you to check it out! 


I liked it........I hope you do too.
Thanks, Dad!


  1. How many of us so easily choose the path of comfort and safety. The path that is our answer to the question, “What is best for me?” But so many of those whom God has used to make some of the greatest Kingdom impact have been those who have not made decisions based on "what is best for me?" (at least “best” in a worldly sense). They made decisions, or perhaps for some it seemed like there was really no decision to make at all, based on an undeniable, unshakable, "illogical", "foolish" passion for Jesus Christ and for His kingdom glory among the lost. Great ARticle, thanks for sharing it and for choosing what IS best for you. love and pride, with thankfulness to God: mommy

  2. "May God grant us the grace to serve with undeniable, unshakable, illogical, and foolish passion for Jesus Christ and His Kingdom glory among the lost. And may we discover the joy in knowing that such a life is a part of the glorious answer to the question of what is truly best for me." Enjoyed the article! : )