Friday, October 1, 2010

A is for Apple, B is for Baby

C is for Cider and D is for Doughnuts

And so the alphabet goes, encompassing our very first Houser family apple orchard excursion.  Steve and I have never (gasp!) done the “classic fall date” of visiting an apple orchard.  We had tried several times but it just never worked out.  It was fun to have it be our first apple orchard date and Caleb’s first time too.  A first for all of us together.

I hope one day Caleb learns the alphabet and learns to string his letters into sounds…

into words…
into sentences...

And transform them into stories. 

Even more, I hope he is able to begin stringing these precious moments into memories

And is able to translate them into our love for him and God's

E is for everyday and F is forever


  1. Hi Sarah, I am a friend of your parents. You haven't met me personally, but I met you as a baby in Liberia sitting in my sink being taking a bath. Now I feel privileged to read your blog, your beautiful poem about forgiveness and see you husband and YOUR baby!

  2. Hey! Thank you--That is really fun! =) I was so blessed to grow up in West Africa and we have so many dear frinds and memories from our time there...Thanks for reading and God Bless!

  3. I love the pictures and the picture captions and and the love and the simpleness of this blog.