Friday, October 1, 2010

learning forgiveness

I’m working on learning forgiveness. It’s hard.  Relationships are messy. But bitterness is never worth it and I know I am called to forgive, as I have been forgiven much.

I walked with a friend today
It was beautiful
Not only the late September day but also the story--A friendship restored
It had been broken
Torn apart and disgraced by sin
We couldn’t talk--Both too hurt
But now redeemed
Hurts healing up
Forgiveness planted,  forgiveness growing, forgiveness blossoming
Spring has come, after a winter of bitter hurt
It is beautiful

1 comment:

  1. I'm glad you know there is a Friend who never leaves us or forsakes us Who knows our every need and want and walks with us through lonly times and full times. People friends often do disappoint us or even leave us for a time, catching up later -- yet each loss, each renewal, each yearning and regret teaches us more about the Friend of friends, giver and taker of friends. You have a deep deep heart; I'm glad God gave you Steve and gave Steve you, your hearts are both deep and you will be war buddies, passionate seekers of FRIENDSHIP together. What a gift. thanks you for sharing this moment and bog thoughts on friends.