Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Moving Day (Part 1 of many)

Today is the first of many 'moving days' to come.  We are moving out of our little corner in #105 at 1504 St. Clair.  Steve picked up the rental moving van this morning and we are moving all our furniture to various locations, friends and family.  We are moving our many boxes labeled "stay in US" and "ship to Korea" and "Give away" to our parent's until we either ship it or organize it into their garage and possibly a shed we may build in their backyard.  We're thankful to several close friends who have allowed us to borrow some space in their homes and basements to house some of our things and very thankful for our families who have graciously allowed us to inconvenience them with many boxes of things to store while we are gone.  THANK YOU dear friends and family for supporting us in this very practical way.

The plan is to move today and tomorrow then clean over the weekend.  We'll stay at Steve's parent's house this upcoming week while they are on vacation and watch their dog and hang out.  Steve has some homework he needs to work on for his class in Charlotte in 2 weeks and he'll also start workng on some curriculum for the youth group and further praying through and planning his approach to youth ministry.  After that, we'll head to my folks for a week or two and then re-evaluate based on our leave date.  We have a few mini trips we want to fit in as well, visiting my brother and Steve's sister at college, some friends down in Iowa etc.  That's the plan for now....subject to change, always.

Hopefully I'll get some pictures up of our move soon and will continue updating but for now Caleb and I are off to the Zoo with a friend and her (adorable!) 9 month old daughter.  Enjoy your day!

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