Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week at Grandma's

Sarah was not able to write a post before she left this week, so she asked me to update you all on the plan for this week.

I am going to be in Charlotte North Carolina for my orientation at Reformed Theological Seminary. I leave early Monday Oct 25th and come back night of Oct 27th. It will be a busy 3 days for me...

But it might be an even busier 3 days for Sarah. I drove Sarah and Caleb 4 hrs to Lake Benton MN today, so that she could visit with her grandma while I am in Charlotte. They plan to take a trip to visit Aunt Norma who lives in South Dakota, and then to spent the rest of the week relaxing. May sound good, but what you dont know is that Caleb has become a full time job, especially getting him to sleep. He is such a good kid, except he hates sleeping. So relaxing is always hard to come by.

Wish us luck and check in later

Sorry...Thats not very calvinistic of me.


  1. I don't believe in "luck" !! You were quite right, Caleb and sleep don't seem to mesh right now, I'm glad you appreciate that he is a full time job, the pay is great! Blessings on your time in N Car, hope the wind dies down before you fly back this way. It was SNOWING when i left for work today! Love, Mom faith

  2. Steve, got a chuckle out of your comment,"Sorry...Thats not very calvinistic of me."