Thursday, May 26, 2011

(Asian) Plastic Surgery Capitol of the world

We watched this clip the other day (thanks for sending Michelle) and I thought it was an interesting culture piece to share.  Many Asians (and many, many Koreans from our experience) seem to be extremely appearance-driven.  Looks and fashion are a really, really, really big deal here (they say Korea is ahead of the US in fashion, if you can believe that - which I am not sure I do....If it's true, watch out America there are some intersting trends headed your way soon!).  Name brands are everything here and second-hand is unheard of.  Women even go hiking in high heels!

Anyway, apparently we are currently living in the Asian plastic surgery capitol of the world with hundreds of plastic surgeries taking place daily, many on young children.  This clip made me so sad....Sad for a culture believing a lie that they "don't look good enough" and that a "western" look is "superior."  If only they could see their beauty and embrace such beautiful differences!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I watched the video and it is so tragic. It breaks my heart that they don't think they are beautiful or "Western" enough. Funny that here in Western culture we often think that those of non-white background are more beautiful. Very sad that the adults are encouraging this mindset rather than trying to switch the focus onto the beauty within.

  2. I think Asian people are gorgeous! I think plastic surgery of any kind, any where is HORRIBLE!!!! My 2 cents worth. : )