Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Teacher's Day

This past week was "Teacher's Day" in Korea. Below is a picture of Steve and one of his (many) students.  Did you know that in addition to being the youth director at SCBC, my husband, Caleb's daddy, a part time substitute teacher at ICS, a part time student himself and a private English teacher, he also teaches at the Daniel school (a ministry attached to the Korean side of our church)?  Yes, he is a hard workin' man, wearing many hats these days.

In honor of Teacher's Day, I do want to stop and give a thanks to all the many teacher friends in our lives!  Thank you for all your hard work and your investment in the next generation - you are appreciated!

An extra-special shout out to Emily and Kevin Anderle and Alex and Christie Schmidt!!!


  1. Wow, he is busy! So fun to hear and see what your family is doing:) Thanks again for your blog!

  2. Great picture! Wow, I didn't know Steve was a substitute teaching and an English tutor as well. I still remember 3 teachers with great admiration!