Saturday, May 14, 2011

PomPom Fun

I can't remember what blog I saw this on, but I saw it somewhere (Who knows? It might have been yours...let me know if it was and I'll link it!) and thought it looked like something Caleb might enjoy.  Several hours of entertainment for under 50cents is never a bad trade off.

 Cut a whole in a water bottle, taped the sides to make sure it wasn't sharp, uncapped it, added some colored pompoms, let Caleb practice his fine motor skills, colors, sorting and counting. He thought it was a lot of fun and (bonus) we made up a game with it and played our first family game together.

 We sorted by colors (Daddy got orange, Caleb got blue, Mama got pink) and took turns "sharing" the water bottle and putting our pompoms in one at a time. Mama did one, then Caleb did one and so forth. Trust me, it's hard to wait your turn at a game THIS fun, at least if you are a 15month old boy....


  1. Can't wait to try this with Emery!!!

  2. Let me know what she thinks! Happy Family Game night =)