Sunday, May 15, 2011

Caleb loves The Word

Hands down, Caleb's favorite book is the Bible. 

 Any and all Bibles. 

He will point them out when he sees one (don't ask us how he knows but he just does)....anytime someone has one, he'll point at it and say "Bible."  And he loves to read his children's Bible or have it read to him.

 I'm told sometimes in the nursery he'll take the children's Bible there and go sit at the table and look at it all by himself.  Join us in praying this habit sticks around!

We recently started doing a morning "family quiet time" usually on our couch.  We all sit down with our Bibles for 10-15 minutes (or as long as he will sit there) and read together.  We aren't as consistent as we would like but it has been great the times we have done it.  Work in progress.

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