Saturday, May 28, 2011

Please help!

Some close friends of ours are in the process of adopting.  They have been in the process for some time now and it has been a hard process.  I don't want to go into specific details here, not wanting to make any situation worse but I do want to share it with you and ask you to please help by being in prayer with us for this adoption and this couple.  I know a number of you reading have either adopted yourselves or are in the process of adopting or hope to one day adopt and I know a number of you reading are also big prayer warriors, loving to bring things before the Lord and watch Him work.  So please help by lifting up this couple, this process and these child(ren) to the Lord.  We know and trust that He is in control and that there are no "road bumps" to Him or to His plan and that He already knows the end of the story and we also know He tells us to come to Him in prayer - so please help and please join us in covering this situation in prayer and bringing it before Him!

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